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When Talent Acquisition Specialist, Dimpy Mehta, was tasked with quickly finding a national communications manager for healthcare company Healius, placing job ads wasn’t enough.

She turned to SEEK Premium Talent Search to help her proactively find and engage the right person for the job, filling the position within a week of starting her search.

Success snapshot

Premium Talent Search uncovered fresh candidates for Healius from SEEK’s talent pool of over 12 million profiles.
The tool’s powerful filter function and ‘approachability’ signal made it easier to find and land the right candidates for challenging roles.
By making proactive sourcing simple, SEEK saved Healius time and money in the recruitment process.
As one of Australia’s leading healthcare companies, Healius operates 2,250 healthcare businesses, and has a workforce of over 10,000 people across every state and territory in Australia.
Talent Acquisition Specialist Dimpy Mehta says vacant positions at Healius, including corporate opportunities, must be filled quickly due to the critical nature of the healthcare industry. “With the COVID-19 situation at the moment, it’s all hands on deck. For example, if we don’t have someone from IT start on time, it takes a toll on the company’s healthcare workers,” she says.
However, finding the right candidates quickly isn’t always easy. Mehta typically recruits 25 corporate roles at a time, often in a candidate-short market. Posting a job ad alone doesn’t always get the best results for these roles, so she often relies on proactive sourcing to find suitable candidates.
“When I just put an ad up, it’s not always going to get you the calibre or the quality that I’m looking for, so I use different tools and searches to make sure I deliver the candidates on time, and to make the process smoother,” she says.
Recently, Mehta was tasked with filling a national internal communications role at Healius. The hiring manager urgently needed someone with a high level of experience who could start in a few weeks’ time. As an added challenge, Healius couldn’t openly advertise the salary attached to the role.
Mehta put out two different job ads and waited for three days but wasn’t satisfied with the result. “The response was nothing close to what we were looking for. Only 20 people had applied for the role. We spoke to everyone; nothing was coming through that attracted us, or the person was looking for a more senior role and the salary expectations were quite high,” she says.

We made an offer seven days after
I started my search on SEEK.

Dimpy Mehta, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Healius