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Features in focus: Proactive sourcing with Premium Talent Search

With job seekers displaying caution towards the job market, it’s never been more important to find and land quality candidates.

That’s why we’ve put the spotlight on Premium Talent Search, one of SEEK’s proactive sourcing tools, which helps hirers search and connect with candidates faster. We take a closer look at some of the key features of Premium Talent Search, including ways you can connect and interact with candidates, preview their CVs and build custom talent pools.

Connect quickly with relevant candidates

Waiting for candidates to apply for your role isn’t always the best approach. That’s why proactive sourcing is an important strategy for hirers to consider to engage with prospective candidates, even if they aren’t actively searching for a role.
With Premium Talent Search, you can find great talent fast and start communicating with them immediately. There are three ways you can use your Talent Search credits to connect with candidates via Premium Talent Search, which include:
  1. Send job
    If you have a job advertised, select this option to send candidates a link to your job ad if you think they might be a great fit for the role. You can send your job ad to individual candidates, or even multiple candidates at the same time.
  2. Send message
    You can create a great impression by sending prospective candidates a personal message. You may send a message to ask a candidate for more information about their skills or experience, to ask them to apply for a role if you have one advertised or to ask them to contact you directly.
  3. Access CV
    You can also download a candidate’s CV to view their skills and qualifications in detail before communicating with them in a way that best meets your talent sourcing strategy.
Our research shows that contacting candidates via ‘Send job’ or ‘Send message’ are well received and increases their engagement with you - candidates love to be noticed!

A sneak peek into a candidate’s CV

Before you commit to downloading a candidate’s CV, you have the option to utilise the ‘CV Preview’ feature. This feature, which does not require the use of Talent Search credits, enables you to instantly view key information such as a candidate’s work history, qualifications and skills to determine their suitability for your role – without downloading the full CV.
This results in less time spent accessing CVs that aren’t relevant and reduces credit wastage.
You can access this feature via the second tab of a candidate’s profile.

View previous interactions with a candidate

Building and nurturing relationships is key to a successful proactive sourcing strategy. That’s why it’s important to keep across your previous interactions with prospective candidates.
We’ve made this easy by building an ‘interactions’ function within a candidate’s profile, which allows hirers to access a detailed interaction history with each candidate. This shows the name of the team member who connected with the candidate, the date of the interaction and the way in which they connected with that candidate.

See similar candidates based on skills, industry experience, role history and more

Have you ever found a candidate who is almost perfect and wondered if there are more people like them? We’ve introduced the ‘Similar candidates’ feature to help surface a list of relevant candidates fast.
With ‘Similar candidates’, you can view up to 20 profiles that match a specific candidate’s profile. You can match candidates on skills, role history, industry experience and more.
Similar candidates can be viewed at the top of the candidate’s profile.

Create customised talent pools

Talent pooling allows hirers to get a head start on future projects by building, maintaining and nurturing high-quality talent pools to serve future hiring needs. Using Premium Talent Search, you can organise SEEK profiles into ‘talent pools’ to create folders of potential candidates. There is no limit on the number of pools that can be created or the number of candidates that can be added to each talent pool.
You can create talent pools to organise potential candidates using job tiles, skill sets, certification or previous companies. You can even organise them with ‘silver medallists’ – great candidates who missed out on previous roles with your organisation.
Talent pools can be created using the ‘Add to pool’ option on a candidate’s profile page or the search results page.
The team is continuing to enhance and innovate our proactive sourcing offering for customers. Find out what our customers think about Premium Talent Search in this video.
For more info or to discuss SEEK Premium Talent Search for your business, get in touch with our Sales Team on 13 64 34