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Features in focus: September 2021

We’ve updated our screening questions to help you surface the right candidates, plus we’ve upgraded the Advertiser Centre for hirers that post ads via recruitment software. Find out more in this month’s update:

Job ad posting - Our screening question database has expanded

Last month we shared how we simplified and streamlined how you post job ads on SEEK. This month, we’re pleased to share that our candidate screening question database has experienced considerable growth, increasing from 1,700 screening questions to 20,000. These easy-to-search questions, which now include experience-based questions, can help you surface the most suitable candidates for your role.
We’re also making it simpler to find the right questions. With the introduction of live question recommendations, we’re using AI to recommend the top five questions based on keywords in your job ad.

Candidate screening - ‘Must have’ questions

In addition to gaining access to a host of new screening questions, you can now also highlight your ‘must have’ questions for prospective candidates.

When creating a new job ad, you now have the option of selecting which questions are ‘must-haves’ to help quickly and easily filter candidates. When reviewing applications in the SEEK Advertiser Centre, we use the new ‘must have’ filter to surface the candidates that have correctly answered these questions, based on your preferred responses to these questions.

You can still view all the candidates that have applied for this role, by simply turning off the ‘must-have’ filter.

Testing the new ‘must have’ filter

We understand that it can be difficult to easily identify candidates who meet your needs, and it can be frustrating to review candidates who aren’t suitable for your role. To ensure our ‘must have’ questions added value for hirers, we initially used a test group to review the ‘must have’ filter. Here is what we found:
  • 30% of ads within the test group used at least one ‘must have’ question
  • 62% of hirers enabled the ‘must have’ filter when shortlisting candidates.

SEEK Advertiser Centre – Adding value for hirers that post job ads via recruitment software

Hirers that use a Recruitment Software Provider (RSP) to post their job ads to SEEK will now have access to our Advertiser Centre. This will unlock new value for hirers, including access to information that enables more effective shortlisting.

Previously only accessible to hirers who post SEEK ads via our website, the Advertiser Centre now offers all hirers who post job ads access to candidate information including applications and SEEK Profile details for all ads (except job ads that link out to an external website from SEEK, or those that use the Apply with SEEK API).

What information is now available?

  • The total number of applications for each job ad
  • Certsy verified candidates (e.g. right to work, licences and qualifications)
  • SEEK Profile information
  • Access to candidate management tools such as shortlisting and filtering
  • Job ad management (e.g., copying or editing your job ad, or adding teammates to review applications).
You’ll be able to access this information by simply logging into the SEEK employer site and selecting a job ad title. Ads posted via your RSP will include the ‘via uploader’ tag.
You can also control which team members have access to this information. Learn more about user permissions here.