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Features in focus: August 2021

We’ve introduced new features to simplify the job ad posting process, plus we’re taking the hassle out of verifying candidate credentials. Find out more in this month’s update:

Job ad posting updates - How we’re helping you create better job ads

We’ve simplified and streamlined how you post job ads with SEEK. Here’s how we’ve improved our job ad posting experience:

Speed up the application review process with the right questions

We’ve made it easier for you to include role requirements for prospective candidates by creating a searchable question library. Based on the role you are advertising, we will surface suggested questions, however if our questions aren’t right for your role, you can search our library to find a better fit.

Showcase your brand with video

Promote your brand by embedding a video link in your job ad. Simply use a YouTube link and view the video inflow when you preview your ad. You will be able to review the thumbnail and position of your video anytime you preview your ad.

View your logo and cover image combinations in one place

Browsing and building your brand is now more straightforward. When posting a Standout or Premium ad, simply select from your existing brands on the ‘Pay & Post’ page. Or, to create a new brand just add a logo here instead. Once you’ve posted your job ad, you’ll see ‘A few more steps’ and this is where you can add a cover image to your job ad.

See your discount straight away if you’re on a SEEK contract

If you’re on a SEEK contract, you’ll see your discount as soon as you enter the role information on your job ad. You’ll also be able to see your ad budget balance at checkout.

Preview your job ad across multiple devices before you post

With over 50% of job seekers now visiting SEEK on their mobile, it’s important to see how your ad looks across multiple devices. With our new ad preview, you can see exactly what your ad looks like before you post it.

The right details at the right time

We’ve adjusted some of the fields when you’re creating a job ad to ensure we capture the right details in the right order – Classify, Write, Manage, Pay & Post. This includes choosing your ad type on the last step and choosing the application preferences after you’ve posted your job ad.
We’ve also introduced the following updates to simplify and streamline the process:
  • Ad selection – we’ve moved this step to the end, but we’re still including the ad pricing on the first page.
  • Application preferences – once you’ve paid for your job ad, you can choose to set job ad access amongst your team and send a custom message to ask for collaboration on applications.
If you’re new to job posting or would like a guided walkthrough, check out our job ad posting videos:

Take the hassle out of verifying university credentials

More than 80% of hirers say having pre-verified credentials helps them to shortlist. That’s why we’ve made it easier to see which candidates have verified Australian University degrees with Certsy.

How can I tell who has verified their credentials?

First, your job ad must include a specific question about an education qualification. Next, sign in to SEEK’s advertiser centre and view your candidate applications for this job ad. You’ll see a purple highlight under each candidate’s name, for anyone that has a Certsy verified degree. Simply hover over the highlight to see more details about their credential.

What is Certsy?

Certsy is revolutionising the use of verified data in the labour market. Through SEEK, they enable job seekers to stand out by sharing verified qualifications, licences & credentials via their job application and shortening the hiring process. They’re already looking at verifying other higher education providers in addition to Australian Universities.
Find out more information about Certsy here.

An easier way to connect recruitment software with SEEK solutions

Do you use recruitment software to manage your recruitment processes? The new SEEK API has been designed to simplify your hiring process by making it easier to connect your software to multiple SEEK solutions.
Find out more information about SEEK’s API here.