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Features in focus: Making it easier to manage your jobs ads

Managing a Job Ad, whether it’s creating or updating an existing one, should be quick and easy. We’ve evolved this experience to support a faster, smoother way to manage Job Ads you create on SEEK. Discover what’s new in our improved on site Job Ad creation, edit and refresh workflows.

Cruise through Job Ad creation

When you create a new SEEK Job Ad, you’ll experience a more intuitive and streamlined process from start to finish. We’ve optimised the job creation steps that help you build a better Job Ad quicker, from classifying your role, choosing a suitable ad type, writing your ad, including candidate screening questions, to paying and posting.
To help Australian hirers attract candidates for more senior or high value roles, we’ve significantly increased the salary range for roles to $500K P.A and over. This update will help Australian hirers be more competitive with their roles, especially in the current market.
When creating StandOut or Premium ads you’ll find all your company logo and cover image options available to build the best combinations quickly. This helps you to customise each Job Ad and communicate your EVP (Employee Value Proposition). You can also easily include a video in any ad using a YouTube link. Plus, we’ve upgraded Job Ad preview so you can clearly see how it will look to candidates on desktop and mobile before it’s live.
We’ve added extensively to our candidate screening questions library, with thousands of questions that will help you filter candidate applications faster by matching them with your preferred answers. For more details on all the improvements to screening questions and how they help you find quality candidates, view this recent article.
The ‘Pay & Post’ page has been streamlined making it clear and easy to choose how you’d prefer to pay, including pay via Ad Budget. Finally, once your ad is posted you can then immediately choose how often you receive application notifications and how to share these with your team.

Edit your Job Ad with ease

The Job Ad editing experience has been simplified to a single page, making it faster and easier to edit any part of your Job Ad or insert extra details like a reference number, role details, closing date and how applicants apply (via the SEEK website or via your company website). Job Ad preview has also been upgraded here so you can clearly and confidently make changes to optimise your ad.

Reduce your workload with Job Ad Refresh

Want to keep applications coming in for a top performing ad? Or create a new Job Ad based on a successful one you’ve posted before? Avoid starting from scratch and use successful ads as a shortcut with Job Ad Refresh.
Refreshing your live Job Ad will push it up to the top of candidate search results, like a new Job Ad. Simply extend the listing for another month and update the ‘posted date’ to get your Job Ad viewed by more candidates. Or use a previous Job Ad as a base, and then update the details you need to have it ready for a new role. Please note, refreshing your Job Ad costs the same as posting a new one.
You’ll find all these workflow upgrades and features under the ‘Jobs’ tab when logging into the SEEK Employer Site.