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Candidates with a verified tick of approval

SEEK now makes it easy to choose the right candidates with verified credentials powered by Certsy, a SEEK-owned venture.

COVID-19 vaccination status verifications

Find out how SEEK is helping Australians get back to work quickly with the introduction of Certsy Workplace and COVID-19 vaccination status verification.

Credentials that matter to employers

Candidates are verifying a growing range of work credentials, including Right to Work, AHPRA registrations, Working With Children Checks, Driver’s Licence, Education and more.

Certsy usage is continuing to grow

Over 30% of applicants to relevant jobs are already choosing to verify, making it easier for employers to see candidates with verified credentials and find the right person for their role.

Over 1 million verifications on SEEK Profiles

Verified credentials on SEEK can help you shortlist quickly and confidently. This gives you an additional layer of protection but doesn’t replace the need to do your own checks before hiring.