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Watch: SEEK Speaks Product, Tech & Innovation

Understanding candidate and hirer behaviour is central to SEEK’s product and technology strategy. From analytics to proactive sourcing, find out what is on the roadmap for SEEK’s product and tech teams.
Product leaders Andrew Knibbe and Timo Hilhorst share how SEEK is helping hirers connect with candidates faster, how to stand out in a candidate-short market and how SEEK is using technology to better understand user behavior.
This session was recorded as part 2021 SEEK Insight & Innovation virtual event.

Talking points:

Use the timestamps below to navigate to the talking points you’d like to learn more about:
02:57 min As the marketplace evolves, how is SEEK using technology to better understand candidate and hirer preferences?
05:55 min SEEK Analytics has been recently added to the SEEK Advertiser Centre. How are these insights and data going to help hirers obtain greater value?
07:45 min With more ads on site than ever before, what is the best advice for hirers to stand out to candidates on the SEEK platform?
11:48 min Speed to market is imperative in the current market conditions. What is SEEK doing to help customers search and connect with talent quicker.
17:41 min Given the rapid pace of technological change in AI, what will the SEEK marketplace look like in 3-5 years?
20:50 min With more of a focus on hiring based on skills versus industry experience, is there anything that technology can do to support this approach?
24:48 min Given the state of the market due to the pandemic, has SEEK shifted its product strategy to respond to this? (i.e. candidate short market conditions)