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Watch: SEEK Speaks AI

Discover how SEEK is using artificial intelligence (AI) to make the hiring process easier and find out what employers need to know to ensure their job ads are seen by relevant candidates.
In this session, Grant Wright, Director of AI & Platform Services shares how SEEK is using technology to better understand hirers and candidates.
This session was recorded as part of the 2021 SEEK Insight & Innovation digital event.

Talking points:

Use the timestamps below to navigate to the talking points you’d like to learn more about:
06:45 min How does AI work and how can it help get your job seen by the most relevant candidates?
12:30 min From an AI perspective, what are the most important things to focus on in a job ad?
16:55 min How can hirers make the best use of SEEK AI?
17:55 min SEEK often references data points such as visits per month and searches per second. How does SEEK use this data and how does SEEK keep it safe?
19:35 min What sort of roles form part of an AI team and what is the value proposition that attracts AI talent?
22:35 min What measures are in place within SEEK’s AI to ensure it’s used ethically and not in a discriminatory way?