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SEEK Release Reel: Candidate Selection

Discover more about SEEK’s Candidate Selection tools, which can help hirers to find and manage the right candidate for their role with confidence.
In this video, Claire Helme, Senior Product Manager covers the following topics:
  • Competition for talent is hot right now
    It’s very important for Hirers to respond quickly to candidates who have applied to their role. SEEK have tools to help quickly narrow down to the right candidate for the role.
  • Candidate screening questions
    We now have a library of over 20,000 screening questions that you can include in your job ad.
    We’ve increased the number of screening questions that can be included in your job ad from 5 to 8, and you can select preferred answers that will allow you to filter your applications to only include the candidates who gave those preferred answers.
  • Candidate management
    We’ve also introduced a unique AI powered algorithm, which sorts the candidates in our candidate management system by most relevant at the top. This is informed by SEEK’s historical job ad data.
    New layout changes we’ve made show you more information on candidate cards, so you can review the essential candidate information quicker. Plus, new ‘matched qualities’ symbol alerts highlight candidate skills that match skills mentioned in your job ad.
    CERTSY is our verification partner, and a great way for candidates to verify their credentials, providing them with an easily identifiable badge on their profile. Certsy helps Hirers feel confident about selecting qualified candidates.
    Keep an eye out for the CERTSY Supertick to easily identify qualified candidates.