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Commonwealth Bank +
Branding with SEEK

Commonwealth Bank is no stranger to the power of employer branding, or its ability to attract the best talent for their workforce. Rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach, the bank creates authentic campaigns tailored to different segments in the job market.

To get each message to the right candidate audience, they partner with SEEK, which offers highly visible display ads across a broad yet highly relevant audience.

Success snapshot

Commonwealth Bank’s display ads secured more than 90% share of voice in their key hiring areas
Direct ‘call to action’ messaging was made possible by targeting audiences based on classification, location and salary.
The bank’s employer branding reached an engaged audience – people in a job-seeking mindset who are ready to act.
Employer branding is second nature to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
For the last eight years, the bank has led a strong branding strategy designed to shape candidate perceptions and attract the best talent possible. Alex McVeigh, Employer Brand Senior Manager, says this strategy has become even more crucial today, as border closures and a drop in skilled migration tighten talent pools around Australia.
“Perceptions of our brand is particularly important at this time, as there’s such a high demand for people and such a tight talent market,” she says. “Small changes in candidate perception might be the difference between an application, so we need to play on the margins and increase any advantage we might have to get those candidates to apply.”
A key part of Commonwealth Bank’s employer branding strategy is creating customised campaigns for different segments in the job market.
In the past, Commonwealth Bank relied on general employer value propositions that would sit across every role in the company. These days, though, McVeigh’s team take a far more tailored approach – and they need media solutions with enough flexibility to follow suit.
“We are now quite nuanced in our branding. We have dedicated employer brand managers who are looking after certain areas of the business to make sure the messages are appropriate for each individual area, because the needs and desires of those groups can be quite different,” says McVeigh.
“Candidates expect our message to be a lot more tailored, similar to what they would experience from a consumer perspective. We need to make sure that what we’re saying is fit for purpose – especially for those really difficult-to-hire talent markets.”

It’s about the access and the sheer volume of the audience on SEEK, but it’s also the fact that SEEK plays a significant part in the candidate journey, and to reach them at that point of the career mindset is really important for us.

Lauren Miller, Employer Branding Manager, Commonwealth Bank