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Run your business while we help you find the right employee

Trust a local market specialist with your most important asset. We have local, hands-on support, innovative thinking and insight designed to help your business succeed
We write and post your ad to save you time
We use SEEK tools and insights to maximise your ad performance
We optimise your ad to attract the right candidate
“With a cost market saving of at least 50% plus the team at Seek creating the advertisement, we will continue along this path into the future.”
James Clark - Manager, The Clark Brothers RayWhite Nundah

We want to be a partner in helping you grow

  • Target your job ad to the right people
  • Maximise the return on your hiring investment
  • Build real value through the right people
  • Get local, hands-on customer support

If you don’t make a placement, you get a full refund

SEEK Guaranteed Hire or Money Back Promise: If you purchase a Guaranteed Hire Advertisement on SEEK and do not hire (as defined below) a candidate for the advertised role within 4 weeks after the expiry date of the advertisement, SEEK will provide you with a full refund subject to the Terms and Conditions set out below
Eligibility to purchase a Guaranteed Hire Advertisement
  1. Private Advertisers are not eligible to purchase a Guaranteed Hire Advertisement on SEEK.
  2. By purchasing a Guaranteed Hire Advertisement on SEEK, you agree to display the identity of your business and consent to the use of your branding (including logo) by SEEK to promote the advertisement
Eligibility to claim a refund
  1. To be eligible to claim a refund on a Guaranteed Hire Advertisement:
    1. You must not, from the date your Guaranteed Hire Advertisement was first posted on the SEEK Website, until the conclusion of 4 weeks after expiry of your advertisement on the SEEK website (the Hire Period), have been able to hire a candidate for the advertised position.
    2. You must have used your best endeavours to locate a suitable candidate during the Hire Period; and
    3. You must complete the Claim Form as detailed in clause 4 below.
  2. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a candidate will be taken to have been hired during the Hire Period if they have accepted an offer for the position advertised irrespective of whether that:
    1. candidate has actually commenced employment during the Hire Period;
    2. candidate was hired via SEEK or an alternative source; or
    3. candidate's employement subsequently ceases for any reason.
Making a claim for a refund
  1. If you believe that you are eligible to claim a refund in respect of a SEEK Guaranteed Hire Advertisement you must:
    1. Email [email protected] within 10 business days of the conclusion of the Hire Period requesting a Guaranteed Hire Claim Form (Claim Form); and
    2. Return to SEEK a complete and correct Claim Form. A Claim Form will ask you to certify (amongst other things) that you have not hired a candidate for the advertised position during the Hire Period.
  2. When you submit a complete Claim Form, SEEK will provide you with a response regarding any refund entitlement within 20 business days from the date on which it received the Claim Form.
  3. In making its decision SEEK reserves the right to request that you provide evidence necessary to substantiate that you have:
    1. not hired a candidate for the advertised position during the Hire Period; and
    2. used your best endeavours during the Hire Period to locate a suitable candidate.
  4. If SEEK is not reasonably satisfied with the evidence you provided in clause 7 above, it is not obligated to provide you with a refund.
  5. You warrant that all information provided by you in a Claim Form is true and correct.
  6. If your claim for a refund is successful, SEEK will refund the full price paid for the Guaranteed Hire Advertisement.
  7. Refunds will normally be paid to you by SEEK within 20 business days of you electing to accept a refund entitlement confirmed by SEEK and you providing any information required by SEEK to pay the refund.
  1. SEEK may expire the Guaranteed Hire offering at any point in time subject to it honouring any Guaranteed Hire Advertisements purchased prior to the expiry of the offer.
  2. Other than in the circumstances specified above, Guaranteed Hire Advertisements are non-refundable.