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Hiring is a big decision. Candidates also want to find the right fit. At SEEK we believe it is important that each party has the information they need to make the best decisions possible.

74 %

of people research potential companies in the very early stages of their job search

What are company reviews?

Company Reviews is a space for you to communicate and position your employment brand, helping you to provide candidates with the right information at the right time in their job search. That’s a big step in the right direction to matching applicants to your roles and cultural fit of your organisation.

Real reviews by real employees

In business and in life, informed decisions tend to lead to better outcomes. Candidates are looking for real insights to help them make the best choices to lead happy and productive working lives. Online platforms featuring review-style content now play a key role in helping people to make informed decisions.
Authentic reviews
Comprehensive moderation
A two way dialogue

Our community guidelines

Company reviews has a four stage moderation process that provides employers and candidates with a fair and trusted platform. Beginning with candidate login and verification, reviews are then subjected to human and software moderation before being published. Once published, the community moderation step is available to all employers at any time via the ‘Report a Review’ flag, which triggers a tertiary process.
In order to build a community of reviews that is in the spirit of helping other candidates find the right company, all reviews and any subsequent comment from the company should follow these guidelines.
Respectful – reviews should not contain profanity, threats, violent references, sexual or prejudiced or aggressive or hateful sentiments and any other comment or language deemed inappropriate for our community. Similarly any allegation of, or reference to, racism or illegal activity should be raised with the appropriate authorities and will not be published.
Balanced – we believe every place of work will have both good points and areas to improve upon, therefore we encourage you to present a balanced view of your experience. We want to help candidates discover what it’s really like to work at a company by avoiding reviews which are artificially positive or deliberately damaging. We may not publish your review if it is deemed to be malicious, biased or suspicious.
Authentic – each review has to be related to first-hand experiences of working for a specific employer. Any review found to be fraudulent or duplicated will not be published. All content should be original and not quoted from other sources such as (but not limited to) other websites, social media, email, other reviews etc.
Matched – to further ensure reviews are authentic, each review must be matched to a company listed within the reviewer’s career history in their SEEK profile. To submit a review on a new employer, the reviewer must first update their career history to reflect the work experience.
Relevant – the purpose of your review is to help others discover the best workplaces in Australia, so all content should be in reference to the experience of working at the specific company in question. Any content deemed to be off topic, such as generalised discussion or relating to customer service experiences of interactions with a company or SEEK will not be published. Any reviews that reveal company secrets or intellectual property will not be published.
Anonymous – we believe each reviewer has the right to speak openly and honestly without fear of reprisal, so every review captured is displayed anonymously. Similarly we won’t allow any review that names or identifies specific individuals in any way unless they are deemed to represent the public face of the company i.e. CEO or President.
Non-commercial – any reviews promoting products and services of a company, containing URLs, email links or telephone numbers, or deemed to have been incentivised to be provided will not be published.
English language only – currently we can only accept posts written in English. We don’t check grammar or spelling, with every post displayed ‘as is’ without any editing.

“SEEK company reviews provides transparency for candidates and provides us with rich insights into the marketplace and we regularly check the sentiment. I can’t wait to see this new solution of SEEK develop, with the trust that candidates place on SEEK, this will really shake up the market.”

Carol Corzo - Talent Experience, Bupa

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