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Manage your candidates like a pro with the Advertiser Centre
With every ad purchased you get free access to SEEK’s Advertiser Centre where you can manage your candidates from application to offer.
Easily track and manage your candidatesTake control of your hiring process and review candidates as their applications roll in. Sort them by shortlisting or marking them as Not suitable straight away.
Send bulk emailsCandidates want to know what’s going on. Send bulk emails to let them know they’ve been unsuccessful or that you’d like to schedule an interview to get to know them better or make their day with the news they’ve made it through to the next round.
Review applications quicklyGet to know your candidates better by using the Quickviewer to see answers to your application questions, read their cover letter or preview their resume without having to download all their documents.
Store candidates in one placeUpload licenses, certifications, application forms and any other documents you’ve collected from your candidates and store them safely with their resume for a complete picture of their application
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