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What’s possible?

By choosing a Connected Partner, you can access SEEK's sourcing suite without leaving your own software.
SEEK Job Posting
Create effective ads and automatically post to SEEK with optimised targeting, data, insights, and enhanced screening.
SEEK Optimised Apply
Enable the optimal candidate application experience using SEEK’s Apply Form - resulting in applications with more data.
Apply with SEEK
Powered by SEEK Profile, candidates can prefill applications on your careers site via any device.
Talent Search Connect (Coming Soon)
A proactive sourcing tool that seamlessly integrates with your recruitment software, empowering you to find and connect with the right candidates.

Give your candidates a better experience

Candidates can use their SEEK Profile and stored CV to pre-fill an application form on your careers website, helping you retrieve applications sooner.

Allow applications across different devices

Let candidates complete applications across both mobile and desktop, so they can easily apply for your role anywhere, any time.

Ready to get started?

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