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We work closely with you to integrate SEEK's solutions into your software.
SEEK Job Posting
Allow your customers to manage their budget, target and post ads directly to SEEK and screen applicants without having to leave your software.
SEEK Optimised Apply
Help hirers deliver the optimal candidate application experience using SEEK’s mobile optimised Apply Form.
Apply with SEEK
Candidates can pre-fill your apply form using their SEEK Profile and stored CV, supporting an improved, mobile-friendly experience.
Talent Search Connect (coming soon)
A proactive sourcing tool that seamlessly integrates with your recruitment software, empowering your customers to find and connect with the right candidates.

Offer flexible ad choices for your customers

Connect hirers with the SEEK ad suitable for their role without leaving your software.

Powerful data insights

Hirers can target their ads by location and make better sourcing decisions with data insights incorporated into your job posting process.

More relevant applications

When posting to SEEK through your software, hirers can include their own, role specific screening questions to attract the most relevant candidates.

Ad management made easy

Hirers can access their SEEK job ads in the one place, helping them manage their hiring processes.

Ready to get started?

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