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How to integrate

We support you through the planning, build and release of your SEEK integrations.
Explore the milestones that enable you to go live with your SEEK integrations below.

1. Plan

Request to integrate

The use of our integrations is limited to those recruitment software providers who have been approved by SEEK. To integrate with SEEK Job Posting, Partners must also support SEEK Optimised Apply. Reach out to your dedicated Partner Manager to discuss integrating with our solutions or fill in our Integration Request Form.

Plan your build

Once approved, we will provide you with everything you need to commence your build.
During this stage SEEK will recommend best practices for creating the desired user experience, help you establish development and release timelines, and sketch out the scope of your build.
For SEEK API solutions you can also explore use cases and experiment with the GraphQL Playground. In preparation for this, please review our development and debugging guide.

2. Build

Build your integration

We will support you through the build stage and provide troubleshooting advice as you begin to test your integration.
Head to our Developer Site for an in-depth guide to building your SEEK API solutions, or our Developer Portal for Apply with SEEK.

SEEK testing

We will test your build to make sure it meets user experience expectations and appropriately represents SEEK’s value proposition. This is an important milestone for your integration.
You will be required to create a test account that we can use to test your build. You may need to revise elements of your build based on testing results.

Pilot your build

Identify usability issues and polish your build in order to move towards release.
We will work with you to invite a pilot group of users to test your build in a production environment. This stage brings in external feedback and is the final checkpoint to pass before releasing your integration.

3. Release

Release your integration

We can help shape how you communicate your release to customers.
The final release of your integration involves effectively communicating the value of your SEEK integration to our mutual customers and providing a simple process for them to enable it in your software.