SEEK - Protect yourself online

SEEK - Protect yourself online

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Protect yourself online

It’s important as an employer on SEEK that you make a conscious effort to protect your account and the information stored within it.
Fortunately, there are simple measures you can take to protect your SEEK account.

Why does this matter?

Protecting your business online is about more than avoiding financial losses, it’s about ensuring your information and valuable candidate data is protected against cyber-criminal activity such as hacking, phishing and other online scams.

Keep your passwords secure

Strong passwords are imperative to protecting your account. Your password is the key to your online identity, which is why creating a strong, unique password is so important. Here are some best practice tips to help you create a secure password.

Add additional users

If you have additional staff accessing your SEEK account, to help manage applications or create ads, make sure you add them as individual users. Also, ask them to create their own strong password for your SEEK account.

What to look out for

Install and update your anti-virus software

It’s important to have anti-virus software installed on your devices to help protect against malicious programs.

Be cautious with your email

Cyber criminals will send you legitimate looking emails to gain access to your account – this is known as phishing. Cyber criminals can easily make emails look official by using the same logo and design from a legitimate company.

Helpful links

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