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Banner advertising on SEEK

Communicate high-impact creative messages to targeted candidates. Get your brand in front of the single largest source of candidates while they're keeping an eye on their next employment opportunity.

Exclusive industry campaigns

Stake your national claim as the leading employer by strategically positioning your brand in front of relevant jobseekers.
  • Own a national classification with a 3 month tenancy (90% share of voice)
  • Always be in the top spot - be the first thing interested and interesting candidates see
  • Available to advertisers with large and national brands

Targeted Display Campaigns

Target candidates based on their job-searching behaviour or attributes like job classification, location, salary, keyword and job application activity. Or choose to target candidates based on the employment and experience information in their SEEK Profile. Our powerful targetting options will allow you to promote your brand to the right candidates at the right time.
For more information on advertising, contact one of our Sales Teams on 13 64 34

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