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SEEK Ad Usage Report: A data-led tool for managers

At SEEK, we are continuously building better product experiences so hirers can post job ads, consume insights, manage their budget and proactively search in the one place.

That’s why the SEEK Ad Usage Report is such a vital component in any recruitment toolkit. The Ad Usage Report is designed to provide managers and team leaders with more visibility of their job ads, as well as provide tailorable breakdowns by performance, spend and team accounts to help identify and resolve any insufficiencies.

Key features of the Ad Usage Report

More granular ad performance data

Have you ever wondered how your job ad stacks up against your competitors? Our ad performance data allows hirers to compare job ads with similar role titles in the same location and across the total market, allowing users to optimise their job postings to get the most out of their spend.

Export the data

Sharing ad performance data with your team has never been easier. Hirers have the ability to export Ad Usage data, including valuable ad performance and posting data into an excel spreadsheet to share with key stakeholders.

Deeper insights

The Ad Usage report enables hirers to filter job ad data by tailored date ranges (up to two years), look at specific team members’ posting behaviours as well as reposting and spend across the team.

Easy access

You can access the Ad Usage Report through the SEEK Advertiser Centre. Simply hit the ‘Analytics’ tab in the top navigation to explore. If you’re yet to gain access, please reach out to the SEEK team.

Making the most of the Ad Usage Report

There are four key areas within the Ad Usage Report that can assist you in optimising your job ads for the best results. These include:


Hirers can maximise their recruitment budget using the Spend function. This tool allows hirers to identify costs and efficiencies as well as areas for improvement.


The Performance function enables hirers to compare performance data at a team or user level to drive best practice across the board. You can also use a range of filters to view performance for active ads, category, ad type, reposted ads or specific users.


Using the filters, you can view conversion rate for each ad type, reposted ads or specific users. You can also see the number of views to your ad, clicks in job search, applications started and applications completed.


The Recommendations tool provides overall job ad tips on how to get the most value from similar, high performing job ads to increase your performance. These recommendations include specific job ad insights for individual job postings, as well as insights related to specific team members’ posting behaviour.
Importantly, all data within SEEK Analytics is updated daily so you will always have access to the most up-to-date and relevant data.
Watch the video below for a detailed view of how to make the most of the SEEK Ad Usage Report.