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Scotford Fennessy +
Talent Search Connect

Like many recruiters in the mining sector, Scotford Fennessy is always looking for more efficient ways to engage great candidates – especially amidst a talent shortage and fierce competition.

As a solution, they adopted SEEK Talent Search Connect: SEEK’s newest highly efficient proactive sourcing tool that integrates with a hirer’s recruitment software. This helped their consultants uncover fresh talent, while streamlining the sourcing process.

Success snapshot

Scotford Fennessy uncovered fresh talent at a glance, allowing them to place more candidates and quickly grow their pipelines
Eliminated time wastage, thanks to the seamless integration between SEEK Talent Search and JobAdder.
Talent Search Connect helped Scotford Fennessy stay ahead of the competition and connect with candidates at the right time
Scotford Fennessy provides recruitment solutions across many industries in Western Australia.
One challenge they face is a significant talent shortage in the state’s mining sector. Border restrictions have left mining companies dependent on smaller pools of candidates to fill key roles. Recruitment consultant Megan McKay, who specialises in mobile plant maintenance, says this makes proactive sourcing even more critical – with the added pressure of fierce competition.
“A lot of recruitment agencies are proactively sourcing people. You’ll ring someone and they’ll say that you are the fourth agency that has called them today. Everyone is jumping, so it’s about being quick,” says McKay.
Efficiency is critical in this environment, as effective time and resource management can be the difference between securing talent and missing out. One area where McKay’s team was keen to increase productivity is the daily process of sourcing and managing candidates across different platforms.
“When we were using SEEK Talent Search outside of JobAdder, we found that there could be some double-handling as we went back and forth between the platforms,” she says.
“If we saw a candidate in SEEK with no interaction from us, we would go into JobAdder and search for them to see if we have engaged with them before. There might be a couple of people under that name, so we’d try and find a match. Or to get someone’s CV from SEEK, we would download it, wait for it to come to your email, create a whole new profile for that person. This takes time,” says McKay.
“Basically we’re trying to sell a job, and we want to be the person to do that first and well. So we’re always trying to figure out ways to find efficiencies.”

As soon as we tested it, I said, ‘I want to keep this’. When you try something that works better, you don’t want to go back to how it was before.

Megan McKay, Recruitment Consultant, Scotford Fennessy