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Improve individual ad performance with SEEK’s Ad performance Report

The SEEK Ad Performance Report has been designed to give hirers up-to-date data in a simple and digestible way.

The Ad Performance Report provides users with a view of individual job ad performance and can be used to develop a better understanding of how job ads are performing, including how and where to make improvements.

Understanding Individual Ad Performance

The Ad Performance Report provides a series of metrics aimed to help hirers optimise their ads. These include:

Candidate numbers

Based on the number of candidate applications received, SEEK provides guidance on how the job ad is performing compared against similar ads at an equivalent point in their lifecycle. These performance metrics include:
  • A normal performance is when your ad is getting about the same volume of candidates for similar ads (within -20% and +20% from the historical average).
  • A low performance is when your ad is getting fewer candidates than what we consider normal (20% less than the historical average).
  • A high performance is when your ad is getting more candidates than what we consider normal (20% more than the historical average).

Prediction tool

For active job ads, we provide a prediction of how many candidates you’ll likely have in seven days, 14 days and/or when your ad expires. Hirers can use this information as a ‘ballpark’ figure for expected job ad performance.

Similar Ads

To help hirers understand their ad performance, we compare your job ad to similar ads to determine if the results you are getting are high, low or normal. We consider an ad to be similar if it has a similar role title and is posted in a similar location.
Hirers are provided with up to five examples of other ads from companies that posted on SEEK. You can use these comparisons to understand what was advertised to candidates, including the details of each ad, their role title, location, and when they were posted on site.


Hirers may see up to five different recommendations for each ad depending on ad performance. These recommendations were designed to provide advice regarding certain aspects of your job ad that may not be performing. These areas may include:
  • Low click conversation
  • Low apply conversion
  • Salary information is hidden
  • Premium or Standout Ads

How to access your Ad Performance Report

The Ad Performance Report report is accessible to all SEEK Advertiser Centre users for their respective job postings. Each report can be accessed via the ‘How is my ad doing’ link under each active ad, or via the ‘How did my job ad go’ for expired ads.
Note: Ad Performance Report data is updated once daily, while other pages within the Advertiser Centre, including Homepage, Job List and Candidate Management are updated more frequently and should be utilised to view your latest ad data.
Watch the video for a detailed view of how to make the most of the SEEK Ad Performance Report.