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Features in focus: Making it easier to select the right candidates

As candidate confidence in the market begins to improve and hirers look towards 2022 with more optimism, we’re putting the focus on SEEK’s candidate management tools.

Discover features that help you decide which candidates are worth a closer look, and confidently filter the most relevant applications. We also uncover how pre-verified credentials can speed up the selection process.

Quickly decide which candidates are worth a closer look

Making sure candidate CVs and SEEK Profiles tick all the boxes can be time consuming. It’s why we’ve introduced “matched qualities”, where we find qualities in a candidate’s profile and CV that match your job ad.

Key qualities, which include specific skills like Customer Service or familiarity with technology such as Microsoft Office, are highlighted with a sparkle on the candidate preview page. This makes it easier for you to quickly screen and shortlist candidates you’re bound to click with.

We’re also showing more information about the candidate where you can easily see it, including their work history, previous applications with your company, emails you’ve sent in the past, plus any notes and attachments. When you open a job ad, you can see ‘Notes’ for each candidate and review any updates you or your colleagues have made.

Tools and insights for all in our Advertiser Centre

Previously only accessible to hirers who post SEEK ads via our website, hirers that post ads via recruitment software will now have access to deeper candidate information and management tools in our Advertiser Centre.

Alongside access to candidate application and SEEK profile information, hirers can benefit from AI powered candidate relevance rankings, shortlists and advanced filters, CERTSY pre-verified credentials signals, plus the ability to copy a job ad.

You can access these features by signing into the Advertiser Centre and selecting a job ad title. Ads posted via your Recruitment Software Provider can be viewed ‘via uploader’ tag.
Note: This doesn’t apply to job ads that link out to an external website from SEEK, or those that use the 'Apply with SEEK' API.

Fast filtering of candidates via screening questions

We know hirers want clear answers on critical screening questions for their roles. That’s why we’ve introduced the ability to filter candidates based on responses to help you find great applicants fast.

You can now use up to eight screening questions on your job ad, and filter applicants based on candidate responses, including ‘must-have’ questions that are specific to the needs of your role. Alternatively, you can also utilise our recommended top five questions supplied based on the information in your job ad.

To help manage your applications, you can apply filters to narrow your list of applicants to those that meet your ‘must-have’ questions requirements. Filtering options are located on the left-hand side of the page in the Advertiser Centre.
Note: You can still view all the candidates that have applied for this role, by simply turning off the ‘must-have’ filter.

Pre-verified credentials that help you spot qualified candidates fast

More than 80% of hirers say having pre-verified credentials helps them to shortlist. That’s why we’ve made it easier for hirers to see which candidates have verified their credentials with Certsy. These include Australian University qualifications, Right to Work, Police Check, Working with Children, Driver’s Licence, COVID-19 vaccination status, and skills such as Excel basics.

How can I tell who has verified their credentials?

First, sign in to the Advertiser Centre and view your candidate applications for the job ad. You’ll see a purple highlight against each candidate’s name for anyone that has a Certsy verified credential, along with the Certsy verified tick for Right to Work, or their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Manage COVID-19 vaccination compliance securely and conveniently with Certsy Workplace

Certsy makes it easy to ensure your workforce is compliant with government mandates by requesting employees or potential candidates verify their COVID-19 vaccination status with the expert Certsy team. This solution is free and available to all hirers. Read more about Certsy Workplace here.
For more info or to discuss SEEK candidate management tools for your business, get in touch with our Sales Team on 13 64 34