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Broadbean boosts their partnership with the new SEEK API

For nearly 16 years, Broadbean Technology has enjoyed working closely with SEEK to deliver high quality solutions to their customers.
This year, SEEK’s partnership with Broadbean has evolved in line with the release of new technology that improves the way SEEK delivers integrations to Connected Partners. The SEEK API – a single platform that connects partners to multiple streams of SEEK solutions – makes it easier for partners to deliver value to hirers and creates a foundation for future services.
To validate the new technology, SEEK worked closely with a small number of its partners – including Broadbean – to migrate to the new API.
Peter Harrison, Broadbean Technology Country Manager (APAC), describes the move as a “big win” for the global business. “We knew if we could get everyone using the same API, that would make things a lot easier,” he said.
“Before we had different types of authentications for different SEEK products. Now everything has the same authentication process. That’s been hugely beneficial for us.
“SEEK supported us through the migration. We had weekly catchups with the SEEK team, which increased when we were getting closer to the beta phase of the rollout. We also had a Slack channel where our technical people could talk to SEEK’s technical people. Everything is now working really well.”

New API boosts customer experience

Broadbean was motivated to migrate to the new SEEK API as the long-term benefits were clear, including the opportunity to deliver new value for customers.
Ashley Minchau, Broadbean Technology Product Manager, says the business is now “proud to be able to offer clients, within APAC and globally, a modern and world-class SEEK integration.”
An example is SEEK’s Ad Selection tool, which allows hirers to select the type of ad they want to purchase from a range of options with different price points. Broadbean has embedded this feature to create an intuitive user experience. “Hirers can easily view and interactively select their job ad type, allowing them to spend their budget more effectively,” explains Minchau.
The new API has also closed the gap between what Broadbean’s customers can access, and the features that hirers access directly from SEEK. This means Broadbean can now offer customers the ability to post to a granular location in SEEK’s Job Posting service which, according to Harrison, is a popular feature with hirers.
“Previously, people could select a specific suburb when they posted directly through the SEEK website, but through the previous solution, they could only select a region, rather than a suburb in that region,” he says. “That’s something people had been crying out for, for a long time, so to have that feature has solved a lot of our support queries.”

Partnering together on great builds

SEEK’s new approach not only offers partners a significantly easier way to connect with SEEK solutions, it also provides greater access to the resources required to seamlessly build out the new API.
Charlotte Montague, SEEK’s Head of Recruitment Software Partnerships, says SEEK is focused on building strong partnerships and a great experience centred around helping hirers find the best talent for their organisations.
“We have significantly uplifted our resources to improve how we support and collaborate with our partners during their builds,” Montague says.
“This has improved the experience for our partners by saving build time, while also increasing the value of integrations released to our mutual customers.”
So far, this new approach has delivered significant value for Broadbean. Minchau says working together on the new SEEK API has fostered a closer relationship between the two partners. “By bringing SEEK and Broadbean’s tech teams together, we not only better understand each other's user journeys, but are better educated and equipped to face challenges together,” she says.
Harrison believes developers have also reaped the benefits of a more collaborative approach. “It was really valuable from our end,” he adds. “We had mutually open and honest discussions with SEEK – how we could actually resolve any issues that we came across. The question at the end of each catch-up was always, ‘is there anything that you need from us at SEEK?’ which was great.”
Broadbean’s tech team also enjoyed using SEEK’s new developer site, which provides support through comprehensive technical documentation and visual examples of the query language, GraphQL. "Using GraphQL was a new experience for us, and we enjoyed working with it. We liked the way the language works, and how you can actually get what you asked for,” Harrison says.
Together, these elements don’t just create an improved experience for partners; they also pave the way for future value. “Hirers expect us to help them find the best talent for their roles as quickly as possible,” Montague says. “The new SEEK API means our shared hirers are going to get more value from our partnerships, a lot quicker.”
To find out more about SEEK’s new core integration and our Connected Partners, visit our new Partner Hub.