Product Terms and Conditions

The following Terms are applicable only where you are purchasing the specified product(s):

Stand Out Advertisements

In the search result summary of a stand out advertisement listing you are entitled to:

  • up to three bullet points - "selling points";
  • your logo at the right hand side provided that you have submitted an electronic version of your logo for those purposes; and
  • a border around the search result summary.
  • < (defined as a "StandOut Ad").
  1. You must provide SEEK with the necessary materials and information (outlined above) required to publish the StandOut Ad on the commencement date of the advertisement. Your failure to do so will result in the advertisement being published as a standard advertisement but you will be charged the StandOut Ad price.
  2. SEEK reserves the right (which will not be unreasonably exercised) to withhold publication of any logo in the search results posted by you if SEEK at its sole discretion believes that the creative design is not a logo or is not appropriate for posting on the Site.
  3. All logos must comply with SEEK's advertising specifications, which will be provided on request.

Premium Advertisements

Advertisements appearing as, and highlighted as, the top two results of the corresponding job search results page are defined as "Premium Ads".

  1. Premium Ads shall appear on the Site at the earlier to occur of 7 days from their first listing date, or until 11:59 pm on the first Monday night after their listing, or unless removed at your request;
  2. Upon expiry of the periods referred to above, the content of the advertisements shall then be converted to and appear as StandOut Ads and shall expire 30 days after the original start date of the corresponding Premium Ads, unless you request the StandOut Ads removal earlier;
  3. Once Premium Ads have been purchased by you and accepted by SEEK, you shall be obliged to pay the full fee for the Premium Ads, even if:
    1. you do not provide all necessary information to enable SEEK to provide the Premium Ads or all benefits and functions thereof;
    2. you do not otherwise fully utilise the Premium Ads functionality; and/or
    3. you request the withdrawal of the Premium Ads at any time after placement (whether before or after it appears on the Site).

Boosted Ad Upgrade

Advertisers who choose to boost their advertisements by purchasing a Boosted Ad upgrade (a "Boosted Ad") are bound by and agree to the following terms:

  1. During the period that a Boosted Ad is live on the Site SEEK will take steps to increase the exposure a Boosted Ad receives when compared to a standard SEEK job advertisement. This may include but is not limited to Boosted Ads appearing more frequently on the first page of the job search results page as well as appearing more frequently as the top two results on subsequent job search pages, appearing more frequently in SEEK email communications to relevant candidates and being listed on SEEK associated websites.
  2. SEEK reserves the right to limit the number of Boosted Ads available for purchase in each employment sub-classification on the Site.
  3. The Price of a Boosted Ad may be amended by SEEK from time to time, and differentiated between different employment classifications and locations, in response to market demand and SEEK's ability to deliver increased exposure of advertisements dependent on current market conditions.
  4. Whilst SEEK will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that Boosted Ads obtain greater exposure on the Site than standard SEEK job advertisements, it provides no guarantee and makes no representation that a Boosted Ad will result in an increase in the number of applications an advertiser may receive in response to the Boosted Ad, and you acknowledge that application levels are influenced by many factors beyond the control of SEEK.

Talent Search and SEEK Profiles

The Talent Search site allows advertiser to search, refine and connect with candidates via a candidate’s SEEK Profile in relation to advertisements placed on the Site.

  1. A SEEK Profile is created by a candidate and is a summary of information regarding their career and work history to which they may attach their resume.
  2. Your access to and use of Talent Search and information contained in SEEK Profiles is governed by the Talent Search Terms and Conditions which can be viewed at: Talent Search Terms and Conditions
  3. SEEK reserves the right to deny or remove your access to SEEK Profiles for what it determines in its absolute discretion to be improper or incorrect use.


Screen is a product that allows you to present a list of questions to applicants as part of their application process on the Site to assist you in candidate selection ("Screen").

  1. Screen is available to attach to advertisements within the corresponding job classification(s). Any unused Screens purchased by you shall be forfeited at the expiry or removal of its associated advertisement.
  2. You may store your questionnaire in a library for future use however you must attach it to each advertisement you place on the Site and it will only work in conjunction with active advertisements.
  3. You are entitled to 5 Standard Screening Questions and 1 Custom Screening Question at no cost per Advertisement. No further Standard Screening Questions or Custom Screening Questions are able to be purchased through this service.
    • A Standard Screening Question is one of the questions referred to as "Common questions" in the Screen.
    • A Custom Screening Question is a question of up to 250 words that can be entered into the text box under "Your custom question" in the Screen.
  4. SEEK reserves the right upon amending clause 12 of these Terms and Conditions to charge a fee for Standard Screening Questions and Custom Screening Questions offered within the Screen Product.


SEEK Onsite ("Onsite") automatically replicates the advertisements you place on the Site on your own website.

There are two options available to you:

  • Job List - which provides a list similar to the SEEK "search results list" showing all available positions for your business. Suitable for businesses with up to 40 positions advertised. Jobs appear in date order.
  • Job Search - a Job Search box on your business's website will help candidates narrow down their search and view only relevant ads. Fields available are Location, Work Type, Classification and Keyword. Suitable for businesses with more than 40 positions advertised.
  1. SEEK will provide you with:
    • a URL or URLs that you will need to embed in your own website. Without this work on your part, the SEEK Onsite solution cannot be accessed by visitors to your website. If you have posted to more than one SEEK website you may have to implement multiple links on your website; and
    • a "Powered by SEEK" logo which you must be place on your website adjacent to the job list or job search both in a position that is visible on an 800x600 screen without scrolling down (known as "above the fold"). You must not modify the logo in any way, including but not limited to resizing, recolouring, stretching or changing the background appearance.
  2. If you have more than one registered account with SEEK, you may link any of the advertisements posted under those accounts to the SEEK Onsite service. If you want to add new accounts to your Onsite service then you may be required to implement changes to the link or links on your website in order to implement this change. You will receive any new URL information from SEEK within three (3) business days of the formal request to SEEK.
  3. When you stop using Onsite you must also cease using works containing intellectual property belonging to SEEK on your website including without limitation, logos, symbols, emblems, designs and other indicia.


If requested by you, SEEK will create custom advertising templates in accordance with our style guide that will appear in your job advertisement (not in the search results) and will incorporate your logo (production charges apply).

  1. SEEK will use its reasonable endeavours to produce customised templates within three business days from receipt of your logos, graphics and text.
  2. SEEK reserves the right to withhold publication of any logo in the template if SEEK at its sole discretion believes that the creative design is not a logo or is not appropriate for posting on the Site. SEEK will not unreasonably exercise this right.

Display Advertising

Display advertising refers to advertising on the Site where an advertiser's message and/or creative design is shown on a destination page or pages of the Site, set off to the top, bottom or to a side of the content of the page and includes but is not limited to advertising tiles, buttons or banner advertisements.

  1. The cost of producing artwork for banner advertisements and tiles is not included in standard booking charges. If requested by you, SEEK can provide creative services to produce banner advertisements and/or tiles in accordance with the SEEK style guide for which production charges will apply.
  2. SEEK reserves the right to, at its discretion, withhold publication on, or remove from, the Site any tile or banner advertisement created by you or on your behalf if it believes that the creative design or copy of such tile or banner advertisement is not appropriate for posting on the Site.
  3. All banner and tile advertising must comply with SEEK's advertising specifications, which will be provided on request.

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